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Your First Visit

We want to get to know you and understand you as an individual. This will help us to best serve you and work with you to achieve your optimal dental health. For this reason, your first appointment will begin with meeting Dr. Fischer or Dr. Alconcel to review your medical and dental history, as well as discuss any concerns and aspirations for your dental health. We will then make recommendations to you for the appropriate diagnostic information to be taken today, which may include dental X-rays, models or photographs of your teeth. This appointment lasts about 60 minutes.

What is the second appointment like?

During this appointment, we will guide you through your previous records to discuss your current dental health. We strongly believe in giving you a clear picture of your dental health, which will aid you in making informed decisions concerning your future care. Before this second appointment, Dr. Fischer or Dr. Alconcel will have the opportunity to study these records and become more familiar with your dental history. Our team will conduct a comprehensive dental examination, which will explore four main areas:

  1. Dental-Facial: What does my smile look like? What aspects of it could be improved?
  2. Functional: How do my teeth, muscles and joints work together?
  3. Structural: How healthy is the structure of my teeth, muscles, jaw joints, gum tissue and bone tissue?
  4. Biological: Are there any signs of periodontal disease or dental decay present?

Our experience shows that if we can keep these four areas healthy, we can help you to keep your teeth healthy and your smile brilliant for a lifetime. This appointment usually lasts about 90 minutes.

When do I get my teeth cleaned?

At your third appointment, you will be scheduled with one of our hygienists. During your previous appointments, you and either Dr. Fischer or Dr. Alconcel will have established the type of cleaning that is best tailored for your dental needs. Our hygienists will assist you with particular techniques and strategies for preventing future dental disease or breakdown. At the end of this appointment, you will have the opportunity to review the findings of your dental examination and have a specific plan designed for your dental health future. You will be given an estimate, which will clearly explain your time investment and our fees. For dental exams, you should plan on being with us for a little more than an hour.

Why should I invest this time?

We truly feel this examination process is the most important care we offer. All too often, dentistry is seen as an avenue to fix what is broken. This usually occurs at a most inopportune time. We want to help you have predictable dental care, preventing emergencies that often result in discomfort and unexpected costs. If you need treatment, we can plan customized appointments that can be created based on your time and financial specifications. We also ask that you invest your time with us because we believe that establishing a trusting relationship with you enables us to provide the finest quality of care. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.

For over 20 years, Dr. Fischer has been, by far, the best dental care professional I have ever had. I’m always impressed with Dr. Fischer’s professionalism and the personable manner in which he explains to me his findings and any required treatments.” – William


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