Innovating smart dental technologies to monitor and enhance people’s health through:

  • Integrated sensor technology within dental appliances
  • New applications for the smart dental appliances

Cydent innovation is what occurs when dentistry, medicine, technology, and highly skilled and experienced professionals collaborate to create unique, highly valued products and applications in diverse markets.

What We Do

  • Cydent brings the professional, real-world disciplines of dentistry, medicine, healthcare, technology and telecommunications together to create new and innovative products with unique value propositions.
  • Cydent is advancing technology to deliver health-centered dentistry. Through the use of biosensors strategically integrated into dental appliances (i.e., dentures, mouth guards, orthodontic appliances, sleep appliances, athletic guards), vital measurements can be sent to a base unit or smart phone application and monitored. These measurements can include:
  • Location of an appliance to prevent loss
  • Movement to detect a fall or impact
  • Body temperature
  • pO2 (pulse oximetry)
  • Breathing frequency and timing
  • Cydent is currently building a suite of patentable, complementary, smart dental appliances and base units that provide:
  • Sensing functionality, including location tracking, care compliance, temperature data, fall detection and other interoral information
  • An intelligent base unit for the calculation and transmission of oral and local environment data and the wireless charging of the smart dental appliance.
Meet our Founder

Cydent Leadership

Lynn Fischer has over 25 years of experience as a technology executive in the telecommunications and healthcare industries. She has led multiple large-scale corporate initiatives, envisioning and implementing new technology and business approaches to support the transformation of large enterprises. Prior, Lynn was a research chemist focused on isotope geochemistry. Lynn is a managing member of Cydent.

John Palley is a technology industry veteran. He is a founder of four technology and services companies. Two of the companies were acquired by publicly traded entities while a third is in intensive, and profitable, growth mode. One of the companies realized growth from inception to $100mm in revenues in its third year of operations before its acquisition by a Fortune 10 company. John is a managing member of Cydent.

Lissa Alconcel, DDS provides patients with comprehensive care for optimum dental well-being in private practice. She has extensive experience in mobile dentistry and dental care in long-term care facilities. Her focus is transforming dentistry to better meet the needs of her patients. Dr. Alconcel also has a Master of Science in environmental and radiological health sciences with a concentration in toxicology.

Charles Fischer, DDS has been a leader in private dental practice for over 40 years. His profession recognizes him as an authority on restorative dentistry and occlusion. Dr. Fischer has taught throughout the U.S., Canada and England. He was selected to the Best Dentists of America. Dr. Fischer has a network of colleagues who focus on transforming their practices for the future of dentistry, incorporating the latest technologies, materials and procedures to provide high-quality dentistry.

Cydent Advisors

Mark ShirmanEntrepreneur

Mark Shirman has over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience in the IT services and software arena. Mark is currently COO of Congruity360 LLC, an infrastructure services company providing services to the data-driven enterprise. Mark was the Founder and CEO of GlassHouse Technologies. At GlassHouse, he built the company’s leadership position in the infrastructure solutions space, as well as managing the investment community. Before starting GlassHouse, Mark was executive vice president of Corporate Development and CTO at Convergent Group, where he executed a combination of operational and marketing strategies that resulted in a successful IPO and the subsequent sale of the business to Schlumberger Corporation. Prior to Convergent Group, Mark was responsible for the worldwide eBusiness and CRM lines of business for Cambridge Technology Partners. Previously, Mark ran similar units for BSG and Alliance IT. Mark started his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. after receiving his BA in economics from Brandeis University and his MBA from American University.

Dr. John SerakNeurosurgeon

Dr. Serak is a neurosurgeon in Denver, Colorado, with a focus on the treatment of spinal disorders. Dr. Serak also has a strong interest in spinal trauma, traumatic head injury and concussion, and he treats patients at level I and level II trauma centers in Denver. Additionally, he has experience in the surgical treatment of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, as well as treatment of patients with concurrent PD and spinal issues such as spinal stenosis and spinal cord compression and injury. Throughout his career, he has been involved with research in the neurosciences, including research into neural development, genetics and epigenetics of neurons, mapping of neural pathways and clinical neurosurgical research. This research has produced a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Our Approach

Identify a unique solution

  • - Understand the dental needs within underserved markets
  • - Bring together a team of cross-industry experts to identify a solution
  • - Submit provisional patents

Define the Intellectual Property

  • - Protoype the solution
  • - Submit filed utility patents
  • - IP licensing for production

Bring to Market with partners

  • - Establish realtionships with dental-centric organizations for manufacturing and supply
  • - Engage supply chain for manufacturing and distribution
  • - Focus on delivery to dental labs and dental offices for delivery to the ultimate consumer

Challenge & Opportunity -
Cydent Triggers

Dental appliance loss is costly and common, especially among the elderly. Lossa has significant financial impacts to families, care facilities and Medicare.

Improper use of dental appliances can have significant health impact. Noncompliance can result in systemic problems, including infections, ulcers, and untreated open wounds. Dental appliance is not well monitored.

Many people are at rish for falls and trauma, especially the elderly, and are not adquately monitored in risk situations. Nursing homes alone had an estimated 2.1 million falls per year with 10% to 25% of falls resulting in hospitalization.

Manual recording of temperature and blood oxygen level impacts timeliness and provides less freqeunt trending data. Temperature and oxygen level data can be used as key indicators for concerning health changes.

Financial cost for Long-Term Care (LTC) is increasing. Increased automation for monitoring residents can support care quality and reduce costs.

Smart Solutions for Dental Appliances

Based on a convergence of dental, medical, IOT and kinetic expertise, along with in-the-field LTC experience, Cydent is developing the removable Smart Dental Unit (SDU) and Smart Dental Base Unit (SDBU) to address the loss of dental appliances, ensure care compliance, identify temperature and oxygen level health changes, and provide fall and trauma sensing. The SDU and SDBU significantly extend the capabilities of a dental appliance beyond traditional tooth restoration.

  • Embedding an SDU in a removable dental appliance and using the SDBU will provide appliance tracking, care compliance, temperature data, oxygen levels, and fall and trauma information to care providers.

The SDU Product

  • A smart dental unit (SDU) restoring one or more teeth, comprising a kinematic, temperature, oxygen level and location system disposed within the smart tech repository.
  • A method for providing a smart dental unit (SDU) restoring one or more teeth, comprising a prosthetic base structured and arranged to engage with mouth tissue, the prosthetic base supporting at least one tooth and a smart tech repository; the smart tech repository housing.

Smart Dental Base Unit
(SDBU) Product

A Smart Dental Base Unit (SDBU) is a dental case that holds a removable dental appliance. The base includes a location system disposed within the base, which can read, identify, and determine the temperature and location of a chip/sensor-embedded dental appliance. The SDBU also includes a room motion, light and temperature sensor. The SDBU can wirelessly charge a dental appliance that includes a Smart Dental Unit (SDU)

Provisional Patents Filed

Smart Dental Unit (SDU) for dental appliance tracking and fall/trauma sensing


Smart Dental Unit With Temperature and Blood Oxygen Monitoring:

  • Provisional Patent Application Number: 63110276 (filed November 5, 2020)
    • Temperature over time — alert above threshold
    • Usage data for compliance
    • Pulse oximeter

Cydent Dental Facility

  • Two intraoral scanners
  • Cone beam computing tomography (CBCT)
  • Computer-assisted 3D milling
  • Dental-focused CAD/CAM software
  • Dental diagnostic software
  • Computerized intraoral force sensor