Innovating smart dental technologies to monitor and enhance people’s health through:

  • Integrated sensor technology within dental appliances
  • New applications for the smart dental appliances

Cydent innovation is what occurs when dentistry, medicine, technology, and highly skilled and experienced professionals collaborate to create unique, highly valued products and applications in diverse markets.

Our dentists can see oral signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing patterns. These can lead to not only a lack of replenishing sleep but also heart disease and weight gain. Snoring and teeth clenching and grinding can be signs of this disorder, and in some cases, we can treat these conditions with nighttime oral appliances. Dr. Charles Fischer and Dr. Lissa Alconcel will deliver treatment in conjunction with your physician to help ensure that you can rest easy at night. Call Greenwood Village Dentistry at 303-740-9353 to schedule your consultation and learn more about treatment for sleep disordered breathing in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

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